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AI copilot for Instagram

First - I'll analyze your Instagram profile data and save the vibe. Second - give you 7 days of content ideas that could be interesting to your audience. Then I'll create personalized content for you and suggest scheduling it to your profile directly from UI.

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Hey founders and creators! 👋 As an entrepreneur and blogger, I know firsthand the challenges faced by blog owners. It takes a lot of effort to analyze, create, and post content regularly and grow followers. That’s why we created Pygma. Pygma helps you create stunning content and manage your Instagram efficiently. Creating content demands significant resources and existing AI tools lack personalization. Pygma addresses this by offering a multi-agent smart assistant. Here's how Pygma works: 👉 1. Create your AI twin and profile. Pygma uses it to create personalized content. 👉 2. Connect your Instagram for a personalized content plan Pygma learns from your Instagram (approved by META to use its API), understanding your blog's context and acting accordingly. 👉 3. Create diverse content - Pictures, ai photos with your face and captions. - Animate your picture and make it talk with your voice or one from our library. - Create music videos with your pictures or generated ones, adding music from our library. 👉 4. Post or schedule content right from our app 👉 5. Talk to our ai chat assistant and use all the features of our app right from there Post directly from our web app or schedule it. Adjust your schedule in the calendar. Though we’ve only covered a portion of possible content types and the app may not be perfect yet, it already enables effective content creation. This is just the beginning. Our vision is to create an intelligent assistant to handle routine blog development processes, saving time and money while growing your audience through data analysis and machine learning. Join us: