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Pricing Page Generator

For Shadcn UI or React/TailwindCSS

Make beautiful Shadcn pricing pages & get the code. Instantly get the code for Shadcn UI, Shipixen, Radix UI or plain React/TailwindCSS. Responsive & Dark mode included.

Top comment

Hey lovely Product Hunt people! Thanks for stopping by ― today I'm excited to launch the Pricing Page Generator! 🚀 Getting a pricing page that converts, looks good and works well across multiple screen sizes can take a lot of time. Not anymore 🙅‍♂️ This free tool will save your hours of not days of work and get you that beautiful pricing page. Here's what's inside 👀 🎯 Choose between 1, 2 or 3 pricing tier designs 📅 Customize frequencies and easily set prices for each 🎁 Add discounted prices or discount text 💅 Highlight or feature tiers to make the best ones stand out 📄 Easily list features per tier & highlight advantages 🎨 Use over 30+ themes to make the pricing page yours 👩‍💻 Get the code with 1 click... and you're good to go! Beautiful. Responsive. Dark mode included. We support code generation for React and the following tech: - Shadcn UI - Radix UI - TailwindCSS 🆕 And we also support Vue.js 💚 - Options API with TailwindCSS - Composition API with TailwindCSS With more export options coming soon. Please let us know if we're missing you're favorite library in the comments! And of course, Shipixen can also paste this directly into their apps to update their pricing at any time. The days of ugly pricing pages are numbered! Thanks for reading 🙌 ----------------------- 🎁 Let's celebrate the launch together ― Enjoy 35% off all Shipixen licenses! Use code PHUNT at checkout (limited to 10) → Get Shipixen 💫