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Notion-style email builder with AI powered autocompletion

Potion lets you create modern email templates without battling archaic drag-and-drop editors. Modelled after the intuitive UX of Notion and the extensibility of Figma with AI-powered autocompletion ✨

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👋🏽 Hi, Product hunters, This is my first launch here! I made this new thing called Potion. Here's the problem I had, and why I built this: 🥺 The Problem: I keep an email list of over 20k subscribers I've grown over the past decade as an author and blogger. Email templates are hard, and I know this first-hand from trying many other options. I never seemed to find a tool I loved. Most platforms I tried had outdated UX, and the decent options were too opinionated or bundled in other expensive software (aka needles monthly subscriptions) What if I could build a solution I loved: with great UX, no monthly subscriptions (at least to start creating templates), exports to HTML, and includes practical email samples from known brands? ✨ The Solution: Being a Notion fan, I created Potion for a modern template authoring experience that's free to use. I bounced the idea off my younger brother and started a journey of building and iterating for two months. The result is what I'm sharing with you today. ✨ What next? My plans for the future include creating an even more impressive number of ready-to-use templates from real-world brands you know and love. Ultimately, my goal is to make it possible to create 99% of emails with Potion — without the need to write a line of code. Give Potion a try, and let me know what you think. Cheers!