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Track your flow state, earn crypto rewards

Meet Perspect—a devex platform built for you...instead of your boss. It recognizes and rewards devs for doing their best work. Here’s how... Connect to the IDEs, browsers, design tools, and platforms you already use. Measure your flow state. Get rewarded.

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Hey PH! Introducing Perspect—a developer experience platform that doesn't suck. Why? Because Perspect is built for you...and not your boss. What is Perspect? Perspect connects to to the tools you already use, to provide insights on what, when, and how you work. It measures daily flow states and helps you optimize your day to be as productive and impactful as possible. But it's not just about you. Perspect is a great addition to any group, company or team because it incentivizes impact. Earn crypto rewards for daily contributions, achieving a flow state, and being a part of the community. Who is it for? We're looking for anyone who builds/uses software for a living and wants to track deep work, earn crypto rewards, and optimize deep work. How do I get started? 1. Visit the website to signup 2. Connect the tools you use daily 3. See your impact in realtime