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Olvy 3.0

Speed up customer feedback analysis 10x with AI

Introducing Olvy 3.0! Now with AI Auto-Listener to capture genuine feedback and AI Autofills for smart tagging. Use our Google Meet integration to extract insights effortlessly. Stay close to your customers with Olvy AI. Inspiring empathy, empowering you.

Top comment

Super excited to be back here to launch Olvy 3.0 — Speed Up Customer Feedback Analysis 10x with AI! Olvy 3.0 is built to help Product Teams effectively manage & analyze user feedback; here are some new feature additions: 👂🏻 AI Auto Listener; transcribe and convert video feedback(and Google Meet uploads) into text feedback 💬  Ask Olvy; an AI chatbot built on top of your user feedback to answer all your queries in a jiffy 🪄 AI Autofills; enrich user feedback with custom properties 🔬 Themes; discover patterns in your user feedback with zero effort Apart from the above feature additions, we also made many improvements and small feature additions: CSV Upload Conditional Filters Co-Pilot Redesign Customizable Summary Join us in shaping the future of getting you closer to your customer, we’re just getting started! — Arnob