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Oasis of Ideas

Share & discover ideas for any kind of project

An online platform where you can share ideas that you would like to see someone else pursue, and discover ideas for yourself to do.

Top comment

Hey Product Hunt! 👋 I’m Yuvraj and I absolutely love working on projects – whether they’re websites, games, social initiatives, research projects, or startups. When I’m working on something, I find myself coming up with lots of great ideas about other valuable projects that one could do. But even though these ideas are amazing, they often require skills/resources that I don’t have and don’t align very well with my career goals. So, they just lie on the scratchpad. Yet later, when I’m looking for ideas, I’m unable to find anything good. The internet is full of so much other stuff that finding unique yet useful project ideas is a nightmare. Finding one that matches my specific interests is even more difficult. Enter Oasis of Ideas. It’s an online platform that, I hope, will be the best place on the internet to share and discover project ideas. Key features: 1️⃣ Every idea gets its own page. So every idea can be discussed and evaluated on its own merit, not grouped together with a dozen other ideas. 2️⃣ Ideas are well organised – by category, expected time to execute, the progress on it so far. This makes them really easy to search through. 3️⃣ It’s a dynamic list. The rankings of ideas changes as people interact with it (upvote, comment etc). If an adequate implementation of an idea is found, it is closed, thereby keeping everything fresh and unique. 4️⃣You can find collaborators! We’ve got a slack channel for each idea so you can meet others who are interested in executing that idea. So, what do you think? Is this useful for you? What would make this even more useful? Your “ideas” guy, Yuvraj