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Trusted $€£ account abroad for people of unstable economies

nsave provides access to financial tools for those living in high inflation and unstable banking countries. It serves millions of individuals who are struggling with high inflation and unstable banks in distressed economies.

Top comment

Hi Product Hunters 👋🏼, I'm Amer, I grew up in Syria and saw my family lose their life savings due to inflation and the inability to open a safe bank account after the war. Unfortunately, when you come from a distressed country, banks label you as a "high-risk" client, and in most cases, refuse to provide banking services. I worked abroad in the black market for two years, and when I had to move again, I travelled with my savings in cash, literally strapped to my body. This is the story of 700 million people globally who don't have access to safe banking, purely because of their origin. This is wrong. That's why we started nsave. 🗺 Open a secure multi-currency USD, EUR, and GBP account to protect your savings abroad. 💎 Order a physical or virtual Mastercard for online purchases, in-person transactions, and travel. ✈️ Easily send and receive money. 🤝 Create your nsave family and transact between each other for free. We don't take a single penny. 📞 Get help in minutes with excellent customer support. 🔐 Keep your money and data secured with regulated financial institutions. We believe everyone has the right to protect their hard-earned money in a safe place, regardless of where they come from. Get access to a safe account at a 50% discount for the first year if you use referral code 936815. After that, pricing starts at $69.00 per year, which includes: - Accounts in any and all of £, €, $. - Physical & virtual Mastercard. - Initial account funding. nsave’s mission is to lift financial restrictions, and to free your savings from broken banking. We'd love to know what you think so please share any feedback or questions that you may have.