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Notion Sites

Launch a beautiful website in minutes

Get a beautiful site up in minutes using Notion’s powerful building blocks and flexible web editor, combined with a set of new tools to help you manage and customize your site: custom domains, navigation bars, color themes, analytics, SEO, and more.

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Hi Product Hunt community! For a long time now, anyone using Notion could easily publish a Notion page to the web, by clicking one button: “Publish.” It was a simple feature, but one that got a lot of use all around our community. We saw people creating everything from resumes, VC pitches, travel guides, and recipe boxes, to company landing pages, full Help Centers, and Career sites. At the same time, our users wanted more. We were constantly receiving requests from folks who wanted to use Notion for more web publishing use cases. So, we spent the last few months building a series of new features: - Customize the look and feel of your site: Add a top navigation bar, choose a light or dark theme, customize your favicon and share preview, remove the Notion watermark - Connect a custom domain, or claim a unique Notion domain - Add SEO (now with customizable metadata) and Google Analytics We also wanted to maintain the things people love about publishing in Notion: it’s the fastest and easiest way to build, design, and launch a beautiful site. Pages can be easily designed, look great out of the box, and don’t require any complicated setup. And if you already use Notion to create and manage your content, it’s just as easy to publish it in the same place. I’m looking forward to all your feedback, and hope you like it!