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Skip the meeting, neetoRecord it

neetoRecord is a screen and webcam recording tool that helps you avoid unnecessary meetings. Easily record your screen to share presentations, tutorials, feedback and more. Now spend less time in meetings and more time getting work done.

Top comment

Hello Everyone, Today, we are launching neetoRecord. neeto is a 100% remote company. We are building many products, which require a lot of communication. Very early on, we had decided that jumping on a "Zoom call" for every small discussion was not a scalable solution. So, we chose to use asynchronous communication. However, with async communication, we found that written text didn't adequately express the message emotionally. A voice can capture the emotion behind a change a person wants much more strongly than written texts. Secondly, writing takes a long time. We started using Loom for async communication and loved it so much that we wanted to get it for the whole company. However, at $15/user/month, getting 100+ Loom seats would cost us substantially. Like any engineer, we wondered how hard it could be to build just the core of Loom. So, we started building it in July 2023, and after nine months of development, we are ready to present neetoRecord to the world. We have been using neetoRecord internally for the last six months. Here is a real-world example where we discussed the website revamp. As you can see, six videos were posted on this issue. It means we had six fewer meetings regarding that issue. Adding up all the hours saved amounts to quite a lot in any given month. We believe that neetoRecord will be an indispensable tool for an effective remote team. At neeto it already is. Please give neetoRecord a try. We would love to hear your feedback.