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Platform to launch your paid community challenges

The 1st real tool for managing challenges and competitions! Challenges can be free or paid, and for any duration. Set milestones and track progress. Turn your challenge into a competition by assigning winners. Optimize and automate your challenge.

Top comment

Hello Product Hunters, I am so damn excited!! We have just shipped Challenges, The best feature to help you engage your members AND generate revenue at the same time. (Browse all features here: Why am I so excited about this? Because challenges have done magic for me. I introduced a few challenges to my community over the past few months. And every challenge increased engagement by 3x. 300% more engagement! Not only that. Challenges are now becoming a new way to generate revenue. Your members are tired of “liking, commenting and subscribing” Your members want to “commit and do” They want to go on a journey with you that helps them! Courses take months to develop. Challenges take…10 minutes. Here are a few examples: 7 day fitness challenge 10 day design challenge 1 month engineering challenge 3 month investing challenge the list can go on and on. Challenges has a gamification feature called Checkpoints. Each challenge has multiple checkpoints that keep members motivated. That’s how you can check-in on your members and keep them accountable. At, we care a lot about helping you make money. So, challenges can be paid OR free. I highly recommend you go paid. This will increase engagement by 5x instead of 3x. You can introduce rewards, prizes. You can create daily or weekly check ins. You can upload video files. Or send drip emails. We built challenges to be the simplest, fastest way in the world to engage your members and monetize your community. I am really excited about all the stuff you’ll build with this. Check out Challenges on now, and comment back with a challenge you will build or participate in.