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AI powered professional UI design tool

Hi welcome to Motiff! Born with AI, Motiff offers designers a new way to collaborate with AI. Now providing an AI Toolbox, AI Design Systems features, and Motiff Lab. Achieve 10x efficiency, ensure consistency in your design. Experience the future with Motiff!

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Hi Product Hunt Community, I’m Ryan, Co-Founder of Motiff. I’m excited about our launch on Product Hunt today and ready to share Motiff with you! ❗️About Motiff: Motiff is an AI-powered professional UI design tool. At Motiff, we believe that integrating professional tools with AI will not only boost productivity and efficiency but also usher in a new era for design tools. UI design often involves tedious tasks that offer little value, and we aim to automate these with AI, allowing designers to focus on more creative and valuable aspects of their work. The development of LLMs has made generative AI possible, and we look forward to implementing it in the UI domain to bring about innovative changes. ✨ The Start of Motiff: Our journey with Motiff began in October 2021 with a strong engineering team and AI expertise, inspired by our transformative experience with GitHub Copilot. We decided to revolutionize product design by leveraging AI to enhance efficiency and consistency. Motiff now offers a comprehensive AI-powered design tool that integrates cloud collaboration and optimized performance, setting a new standard in UI design. 🙋 Motiff Offers: Motiff's offerings are divided into two main categories: Motiff AI and Motiff Basics. Motiff AI advances design capabilities with AI, featuring an AI Toolbox with AI Reduplication and AI Layout; AI Design Systems with AI Design System Creator, AI Design System Maintainer, and AI Consistency Checker; and Motiff Lab with AI Generates UI and AI Magic Box. Motiff Basics includes Professional Tools for intricate design work, Cloud Collaboration for team projects, Prototyping for bringing ideas to life, and Dev Modes for development ease. Start your AI adventure with Motiff today. Try Motiff now!!!