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Your life, crafted in cards

Your life, crafted in cards. moimoi enables you to create a series of personalized cards that capture and showcase every aspect of your life.

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Hi Product Hunt! Today we're → introducing ← An app that allows you to capture and showcase every aspect of your life. From social identities to personal milestones, each card is a tailored expression of your unique journey. Here's a lil guide for how to use the app. You can tap on the bottom center "plus" tab icon to create a card! We have two main categories of cards, utility and social. - For utility, there are Notes (like the card you're reading right now), Photos and Meet n Greet cards. - For social, we have Twitter/X, GitHub and YouTube (with more on the way!) cards. ## Utility Cards Utilities are built for practical and interactive purposes whether it be jotting down some notes, sharing some quick photos or meeting friends IRL. We made these cards for you to capture moments in life, to relive and celebrate memories. - Notes: You can use Notes to jot down some thoughts quickly, write journals, or a long chunk of text to be shared as an image. Notes card supports basic rich text such as bold, italic and headings. - Photos: You can use Photos to collect a handful of photos of a precious moment, a trip together somewhere or just simply some related images. We let you share them in beautifully crafted collage layouts, truly great for any use. - Meet n Greet: Ever got together IRL with someone you've met only online? Or just meet your friends in a casual setting? Create a Meet n Greet with your friends to save that moment! ## Social Cards Social cards are pretty straightforward, they're a version of you in the form of a social media account. You can choose one and type in your handle (usually the username that's after the "at/@" sign) and search for your account to display. We're working on adding more support for other platforms, if you're really interested in voting one, feel free to send us feedback through Settings > Feedback.