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Mito Spreadsheet

Automate Excel reports without a computer science degree

Automate Excel reports and save days of repetitive work. The Mito Spreadsheet converts every formula, pivot and graph into the equivalent Python code, so you can rebuild the report going forward with just the click of a button.

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Hey PH! I’m Aaron, a cofounder of Mito. The Mito spreadsheet helps business analysts automate their repetitive Excel reporting using Python. You can think of it like a macro recorder that generates production-ready Python code instead of VBA. 🐌 Business analysts spend days every month building and rebuilding Excel reports. Often, these Excel files 1) get so large and complex that Excel crashes 2) contain small, but consequential errors caused by mistakes like not dragging a formula all the way down 3) take so much time to update and manage that it consumes the majority of a team’s time. 🏎️ Automating Excel reports with Python and Pandas is one of the best ways to solve these issues, which is why Python is the most popular programming language for data work in the world. But most business analysts don’t know enough Python to build an automation script. That’s where Mito comes in! 🚀 The Mito spreadsheet generates the equivalent Python code for every edit you make, letting business analysts automate their Excel reports even if they don’t have a background in Python. Even for myself, a Python programmer, Mito helps me write Python code about 4x faster than writing code by hand. Mito lets you write spreadsheet formulas, apply filters, create pivot table, build graphs, and more — generating the equivalent Python code for every edit. 😮 Adopting Mito is easy. Because Mito is open source and can run completely locally (this isn’t AI!), analysts at even the most privacy conscious enterprises are able to adopt Mito. And because Mito is available in your existing Python environments like Jupyter, Streamlit and Dash, your organization doesn’t need to setup any new infrastructure. 🧙🏻‍♂️We’re experts at helping Fortune 500 companies transition from Excel to Python. We’re offering 100% free consultations to enterprises looking to embrace Python. 1. Signup for a free consultation 2. Download Mito for free 3. Learn more