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mirrord for Teams

Remocal Kubernetes development for teams and enterprises

mirrord solves the problems every modern cloud developer faces during microservice development by making remote services feel local.

Top comment

Hey Product Hunt! I’m Eyal, co-founder at MetalBear, and today is a big day for us! Almost two years ago we launched the mirrord OSS here on Product Hunt. Today we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our commercial offering, mirrord for Teams! 🥳 mirrord was built by a team of some very frustrated backend developers. It’s a Remocal development tool for Kubernetes, meaning it lets developers work locally while their process “thinks” it is running remotely on the cluster. This dramatically cuts down development iterations by lettings devs run, test, and debug code in the cloud directly from their IDE or CLI, without going through Docker Build, CI, and deployment for every little change. 🪞 mirrord for Teams is a secure and manageable platform built on top of mirrord OSS with extra features for collaboration and advanced use cases - all to make it incredibly simple to adopt the mirrord Remocal workflow broadly within the organization. The end state it enables is for all developers in the organization to test continuously and concurrently against the Staging environment, all without interrupting each other or affecting the cluster. Anyone who knows how difficult it is to test in the cloud at most tech organizations can immediately get what this means. ☁️ Skeptical? Check out what our users think: 📚 Still skeptical? We do speedrun demos on your own infrastructure: 🏁 I hope this piqued your interest! You can read more about mirrord for Teams here: Or if you’re ready to give it a go, sign up for a free 7-day trial here: We’re excited to hear you think!