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MindOS Memory Twin

Memorize, organize & amplify your thoughts

MindOS Memory Twin is your custom, AI-powered companion. Capture thoughts, memories, documents, links, or photos. Then, look back on any moment or even collaborate with your Twin using their unique memory of you. It's everything you know, all in one place🧠

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A big thank you to @chrismessina for joining us on our journey! We're MindOS, and we're very excited to share our AI journey with you. It all started over two years ago, when we had a crazy idea: What if everyone could create their own AI Mind that represented their unique value and talents?We've faced many obstacles and challenges. We had to learn a lot about AI and LLMs, and also had to figure out how to make MindOS work for everyone, regardless of their background. But we kept pushing forward, driven by our belief in human potential that could be amplified by AI. Now, we're thrilled to share MindOS Memory Twin with you. With your Memory Twin, you can capture your thoughts and memories effortlessly with its versatile interface. Then, upload any document, link, or even a photo and access any detail of your life when you need it most. You can even discuss your plan and converse with your Twin based on your unique memory. It's everything you know, all in one place! Nevertheless, it's a starting point of our ultimate vision—to create an ecosystem where each individual mind can proactively assist you and even collaborate with other AIs, helping you memorize and self-improve. Ultimately, your Memory Twin will thrive and proactively automate your tasks and it can even give you recommendations based on who you are and what it knows about you, such as suggesting a few bar spots on a Saturday, if you are often out of the house on that evening. I promise, this is coming very soon! So, join us on this journey. Create your own Memory Twin on MindOS, and unlock the full potential of human-AI collaboration together. Here's what you can experience in this version: 1. 🧠 Memories — Never forget anything again with a digital Memory Twin. This Twin will collect information as you go about your day, organizing it all in a digital mind it creates just for you. It even holds onto the chats, files and events that matter the most, remembering them for you long into the future. 2. 🎨 Canvas — Collaborate effortlessly with your digital Twin and transform the way you work. Improve your processes by discussing them with a coworker AI who knows your methods and schedule better than you do. 3. ⚙️ Automation — Make task management easy with personalized to-do lists that appear exactly when you need them. Let your Twin automate all the busywork, leaving everything else in your capable hands. 4. 💪 Abilities — Create the perfect digital Twin to make your life easier. Customize its skills so it can help you on every platform you frequent. 5. 🌐 Mind Marketplace — Connect with the growing MindOS creator community. Build the MindOS AI Team of your dreams in collaboration with some of the most creative minds in the industry. For more information about MindOS: - Join Our Discord Community : For a smoother and prompt communication experience, join our Discord community at - Email Support : You can send your queries or feedback directly to our support team at [email protected]. - Personalized Meetings : We highly value user feedback and suggestions. To help you maximize your use of MindOS and to gather your insights for further improvements, we're more than happy to arrange 1:1 meetings. Just reach out to me at [email protected], and we'll set it up! Your input is crucial to us, and we're here to ensure you have the best experience with MindOS.