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Create interactive stories with AI, one choice at a time

MidReal lets you craft interactive, illustrated stories with AI. Start with a sentence, then choose your own adventure to guide the story's infinite unfolding. We support all genres, from anecdote to sci-fi to fantasy. Join our community with 20K creators now.

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Hello ProductHunt community! My name is Kaijie, co-founder of MidReal ( We're thrilled to unveil MidReal - a story generation platform where you can create engaging, personalized stories with our advanced AI agent. Start by entering a story scenario, then make critical choices to guide the story's infinite unfolding. There is NO length limit! As the creator of MidReal, this vision has been in my mind for years. My dream has always been to create a place where we can live parallel lives, free from the burdens and responsibilities of the real world, and simply indulge in our fantasies. Maybe a different gender? A new career? Or inventing AGI? By the end of 2023, with the advancement of GPT, SD, and a daily influx of groundbreaking research, I knew it was time to bring this vision to life. So, I teamed up with my best friend from MIT and a crew of brilliant minds to create MidReal. 🔥 Control Your Narrative: At MidReal, we empower you to steer your stories. Initiate any tale with just a sentence, then carve its path with pivotal decisions. 🤖 Coherent, Absorbing, Endless: Our tech is unparalleled. We've fine-tuned a storytelling agent focused on plot planning and memory manipulation. Discover our research here: 🎬 Video Mode (Coming Soon): We believe that an interactive film tailored precisely to your preferences is the holy grail of AI content. We're eager to hear your thoughts and open to all feedback or questions. We'd be thrilled to welcome you into our Discord community with 20K avid members! A massive thank you for your support. Here's to embarking on an unforgettable fantasy adventure! Or any adventure you choose, really. 🌟🚀 Join us on Discord now!