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Open-source DORA metrics for software engineering teams

✅ Identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies in your dev process ✅ Measure and improve your team's performance and productivity ✅ Deliver high-quality software faster and reliably ✅ Gain a competitive edge in the market by optimizing your software delivery

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Thanks @fmerian for hunting us! Hi Product Hunt 👋🏼, I am Dhruv Agarwal, co-founder of Middleware. Along with me is my co-founder @jayantbhawal and our team. Being both an engineer and an engineering manager in the last decade I observed that builders are stuck in slightly sized orgs (>40 engineers) and leaders have a meek sense of the blockers. So, I observed 2 types of leaders: micro-managers or gut feeling wingers. 
 The end result in both cases are unhappy and stuck developers. Hence, we built Middleware 🚀 Today, we’re open sourcing the core of our product. Our team has been working multiple all-nighters ✨ for the past 6 weeks to deliver something cool, easy-to-use and impactful! This version offers DORA metrics out of the box to help any engineering team get started on tracking their delivery pipeline health (both in speed and quality). Engineering productivity is a complex topic and a crucial decision is to pick a framework which is non-monitoring, non-gameable. DORA metrics fits well right in and being open source Middleware makes it easy to start within your infra/env securely.

 Looking forward to your feedback and thoughts! 😊