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Merge for Startups

Add product integrations quickly at our new startup pricing

Let Merge handle building and maintaining your product integrations, freeing your developers to focus on what's important: your core product. Take advantage of our new discounted start-up pricing and find a plan tailored to your needs.

Top comment

Hey Product Hunt👋! We’re so excited to announce our new discounted pricing for startups, tailored to fit your needs. We know that as a startup, you’re juggling a lot of priorities: building your product, acquiring customers, etc. One thing that shouldn’t be on your list is building and maintaining product integrations. Merge takes that burden off you and your team. Merge is one API to add hundreds of integrations to your product. Instead of building and maintaining each integration, your developers integrate once to Merge’s Unified API to add an entire category of integrations to your product in just weeks. Merge currently offers over 200 HRIS, accounting, ticketing, CRM, ATS, file storage, and marketing automation integrations. Merge handles the full integrations lifecycle — from an easy initial build taking just weeks, to providing integration observability tools ensuring customer delight, and fully owning the maintenance of integrations. Hundreds of startups like Causal, Assembly, and Telescope trust Merge to power their product integrations at scale, enabling them to accelerate their time-to-market, cut engineering expenses, and acquire more customers. Learn more about Merge and our discounted plans by talking to one of our integration experts. Or watch a product demo from our co-founder! Thanks and let us know what you think! Irene