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Manganum Sidebar

Your favorite productivity apps in 1 click on any Chrome tab

Organize your browsing to get more done with one-click access to ChatGPT, Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Keep, Tasks, and more.

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Hey, PH fellows 👋 Guess who's back with an upgraded Manganum after over a year? 🚀 Last year's launch was an incredible journey, with lots of support and comments from your side. Today, we're thrilled to present Manganum 2.0, an even better, sleeker, and more efficient version. A quick rewind to who we are: Manganum was born out of a desire to revolutionize Google Chrome, not just as a browser but as a dynamic and efficient workspace. From carefully curated backgrounds to finely tuned effects and animations, every detail of our extension is crafted with passion, dedication, and lots of coffee. We've worked hard to address your feedback, enhance features, and bring you the best browsing experience you've ever had. Here is a short list of features: 🌟Get soft notifications for upcoming calls and join them in one click; 🌟Quickly scan and clean your inbox without a separate tab open. 🌟Chat with AI on any tab without losing context. 🌟Take notes effortlessly, without switching tabs and focus. 🌟Use the vertical tab manager to access open tabs and recent history. 🌟Select text on any page and get its automatic translation without switching tabs. Try it out, share your honest opinions, and let us know how to improve it. Installed Manganum and loved it? We offer a 75% discount with MNPHBF23 code to show our appreciation to our Product Hunt supporters 💜