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Living Images

Optimize your images with generative A/B testing

Let your images optimize themselves in minutes with generative AI. Just enter your site, select the images you want improved, and add our script or image URL. ​​Our AI tests and learns what works over time, generating images that perform better and better.

Top comment

Finding the right image or photo for your website is hard. What if you always had the perfect images without even having to look for them? 👋I’m Josh, one of the makers of Coframe, the team behind Living Images. A few months ago, we launched our first “self-improving” product, for website copy, on ProductHunt. Since then, we’ve had thousands of people sign up and have seen an average conversion rate lift of over 10% across all of the experiments on Coframe. Now, we’re excited to announce a similar product for images: Living Images. The way it works is simple: you add your website, select an image, and let Coframe generate variations of the image based on an analysis of your product, audience, and brand. This makes “Image A” and “Image B” of an A/B test. Eventually, we learn which image performed better, and based on this new knowledge, our custom AI model can generate a new variation to try, which you can either manually approve or auto-approve. This process repeats over and over, the AI model learns more and more, and your metrics get better and better. 🚀 You can get started in just a few minutes. All you need to do is set up your image and variant in the site, then integrate our script (or URL + API, if you’re a developer) into your website, and we’ll send you emails keeping you updated on how the performance is looking. We’re excited to see how living images can make a difference in your business and metrics. Let us know what you think in the comments, and what you think we should build next!