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AI phone assistants

Quickly set up AI phone assistants for making and receiving calls, no coding needed.

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Hi ProductHunters! 🙌 I’m Tal, the co-founder & CEO of Leo, and I’m thrilled to introduce our AI phone assistant builder to you today! The Problem: Managing communications can be a huge time drain for small businesses, 1-person businesses, and even individual consumers. Handling calls, scheduling appointments, and following up with leads takes away valuable time that could be spent on growing your business. Missing important calls or failing to respond promptly can damage customer relationships and slow down your growth. Our Solution: Leo automates these tasks with AI phone assistants, making it easy to manage and streamline your communications. With Leo, you can set up AI phone assistants for making and receiving calls in minutes, no coding required. We’re also aiming to support SMS, emails, direct messaging, and even snail mail! How It Works: 1. Set a Trigger: Choose an inbound assistant that activates based on events (like new lead submissions) or on a schedule (e.g., daily at 1 pm). A phone number will be automatically assigned. 2. Define Capabilities: Connect your assistant to our integrations and select desired capabilities (e.g., reading emails by subject). 3. You’re All Set: Your AI phone assistant is ready to start making and receiving calls. Create as many assistants as you need! Use Cases: ✅ Customer Service: 24/7 support for e-commerce stores ✅ Sales & Lead Qualification: Automated lead follow-up and qualification ✅ Appointment Scheduling: Set and confirm appointments for various services ✅ Event Management: Handle registration and follow-up for events ✅ Wholesale Account Management: Regular check-ins with clients ✅ Real Estate: Qualify leads and manage inquiries ✅ Home Services: Schedule and confirm appointments ✅ Hospitality: Manage reservations and confirmations ✅ And many more! For a complete list of use cases, check out: What’s Next? Currently, we support inbound assistants, and we’re working diligently to introduce outbound assistants within the next couple of weeks. We’re also starting a public roadmap at, so please feel free to drop your own feature requests! We invite you to watch a quick demo and get started with Leo. No credit card is required, and your feedback is invaluable to us. Thank you for your support! ❤️ Give it a go 👉