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AI Lead Gen, web research, email automation in Google Sheet

LeadGenSheet is an AI Google Sheet Add-on for startups to find leads, contacts, web info, and send mass emails from Google Sheet. It is the simplest tool for lead generation, enrichment, qualification, and email automation. Add-on:

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Hey there, Product Hunters! 🌈 Introducing LeadGenSheet – your new AI-powered sidekick in the world of lead gen! 🚀 Our tagline? "Fastest AI Lead Gen, Web Research, Emails in Google Sheet." Yep, it's as cool as it sounds. 😎 LeadGenSheet is more than just an add-on; it's a revolution in how startups find leads, gather info, and shoot out mass emails right from their trusty Google Sheets. 📈💌 It combines the powers of WebGPT, ChatPDF, ChatGPT, Email Finders, Mail Merge, and even Image AI into one simple, yet mighty tool. Imagine pulling bulk info from the web, docs, and email databases with just a few clicks. 🤯📊 Perfect for those who want to streamline their lead gen process without juggling a dozen tools. Give it a spin and watch your lead gen process transform overnight! 🌙✨ Can't wait to hear your success stories and feedback! Let's revolutionize lead gen together. 🎉 Cheers, ZongFang