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Easily embed videos on your website

Create a professional video website or transform your current one in minutes without developers. Seamlessly embed videos using predesigned templates, add interactive elements (to buy, book, contact), and address technical issues to optimize page load speed

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🚀 Introducing Koosh: Revolutionizing Video Websites with Our New Feature! 🚀 Hello Product Hunters! 🌟 We're excited to unveil Koosh's latest feature: 🎥Video Landing Pages and 🎥Video Websites! ❓Why This Matters In today's digital landscape,🎥 video content is king—boosting engagement by up to 80%! Yet, many websites remain static, lacking the dynamic impact of video. Existing solutions like YouTube and Vimeo are not ideal for integrating multiple videos seamlessly into your site’s design. ❗️👀Common Challenges ▫️YouTube/Vimeo: Single video players disrupt site aesthetics. ▫️Traditional Website Builders: Adding videos slows down your site. ▫️Custom Web Development: Expensive and time-consuming. ❓How Koosh Solves These Problems? ▫️Fast Load Speeds: Koosh maintains blazing fast page load speeds even with multiple videos. Imagine the efficiency—9 videos on Koosh load as fast as a single video on Vimeo! ▫️Professional Templates: Use our sleek, pre-designed templates for a polished look. ▫️Interactive Elements: Enhance engagement with product cards and hotspots featuring calls-to-action (CTAs) like "buy," "book," or "contact," potentially boosting conversions by up to 25%. 👤Who Should Use Koosh? ▫️Website Owners: Upgrade your static site to a dynamic, engaging video platform. ▫️Agency Owners (Web, Marketing, Branding): Use video landing pages to highlight services. ▫️Creators (Video Producers, Digital Artists, Architects): Showcase your work through stunning video presentations. ✨Perfect For: ▫️Event Promotion: Craft compelling video landing pages for events, portfolios, or presentations. ▫️Lead Generation: Showcase your services, work, or agency with aesthetically pleasing video assets on tailored landing pages, making a strong impression and generating quality leads. ▫️Website Enhancements: Seamlessly embed Koosh’s video blocks into your existing website to enhance user experience and visual appeal. ▫️Building Unique Branding: Transform your main page into a professional, Apple-like interface that communicates your brand's mission, values, and identity through engaging video content. ❓How to use Koosh? 1 - Upload Videos 2 - Create Video Blocks 3 - Create a Video Landing or Embed Video Blocks into existing website ❓How much is it? We have FREE FOREVER pricing plan to test, to play with our product And we offer promo code PH60 for 60%OFF paid starter plan to make your own video website and video landing pages which you could use during a month. 🚀 Our long term vision is to build AI video website builder. With your feedback, we can make that happen. Experience the power of video on your website—register on Koosh for free and transform your site into a visual masterpiece. Koosh is here to make every website a dynamic work of art! 🌐✨