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AI powered CRM, from hello to renewal

Say goodbye to your old sales stack. Let Klipy enrich, log and organize all your deal flow data automatically from your emails, calls and more - so that you can focus on what really matters! The only all-in-one AI CRM for scaling businesses.

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Hi PH community! I'm Jung, co-founder and developer CEO of Klipy. I spend a lot of time building and selling what I've built, and sometimes it becomes very challenging for me to remember every interactions I have with my awesome customers. In fact, I believe remembering the fine details of the client and their needs is undoubtedly one of the most important sales strategies available. And this is exactly why we are building Klipy. We have a few principles that we constantly remind ourselves: 🤖 Technology to make everyone's life a little bit better every day Klipy is built on a belief that technology is to serve us to focus on things that brings more value to ourselves and everyone around us. We started with something as simple as automating tedious, repetitive tasks like entering every single records into the CRM. We aim to automate everything in the GTM journey that can be automated by combination of AI technologies - such as summarizing emails, meetings; extracting and saving action plans and follow-ups. 📈 Less is more We grow tired of legacy enterprise systems focused on collecting and showcasing millions of different information that are frankly in most cases - useless. New projects open to add another column or a field in a form, wasting millions of dollars just to end up in someone's appraisal report. Our design principle is to keep only the relevant information in the most understandable format. Combined with AI services to extract and enrich different data points, we strive to develop action-ready insights to support every deal to close as fast as possible. 🐥 We provide Service-as-a-Software: Our tool is young, and might not perfectly fit your needs at the moment. Our team is publishing this product to be Service-as-a-Software (yes, it is reverse from traditional SaaS) so that we can really fine tune and develop killer features together with you, alongside your growth journey. We want to see all of you grow faster than anyone by being with us, which is the only way we will be able to grow as well. Start your GTM journey with us today. Looking forward to hearing from everyone!