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Keywords AI

Unified DevOps platform to build AI applications

Keywords AI makes it dead simple to build production-ready LLM applications. With 2 lines of code, developers get a complete DevOps platform that speeds up deploying & monitoring AI apps. Start building with us today and receive $15 free credits!

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Hello Product Hunt community! My name is Hendrix, founding member of Keywords AI ( We're thrilled to introduce Keywords AI - a complete developer platform that speeds up building & monitoring your AI apps with just 2 lines of code. What Makes Keywords AI the Go-To Choice ✅ OpenAI compatible integration with 2 lines of code ✅ Supports 100+ LLMs with load balancing, error handling, and dynamic routing ✅ Intuitive prompt management system for versioning and deploying prompts ✅ Request logs for tracing and debugging user-model interactions ✅ Real-time monitoring of model performance and user analytics 🎉 Special Offer: $15 Free Credits Sign up at to start building and iterating your AI apps with us. Also feel free to book a time to chat with the founders ( - we’d love to be helpful wherever we can!