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Junior OK

Job aggregator for entry-level developer/design jobs

No experience? No problem! Find junior friendly software developer jobs that don't require years of experience. Get your first job in tech today!

Top comment

hey product hunt👋🏼 It's Run. Your reliable junior dev who still can't find a job in tech.🤦🏼‍♂️ I graduated with a CS diploma this year, me and my classmates have been struggling and feeling hopeless finding an entry-level job in tech. Companies just aren't hiring junior devs. But channeling that energy into something positive, I decided to build junior ok here's how i made it: 1.Automated Job Collection: I made an automation flow that scours various job boards to gather the latest job listings. 2.Preliminary Processing: I wrote code to identify and filter out the obvious senior job listings. 3.AI Processing: AI checkes if each job listed on JuniorOK are truly entry-level, requiring minimal to no professional experience, and provides the reasoning behind. I hope this will help you get your foot in the door faster😊 p.s. stats📊 from the 324 job listings processed yesterday, 129 are deemed junior OK ~40% hit rate. 👍🏼or 👎🏼?