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June 4.0

Free and simple customer analytics

June is the free and simple way to launch your product, understand your users and reduce churn. It comes with: 🏒 Company profiles πŸͺ£ Advanced audiences πŸ“ˆ Graphs with customers πŸ”Œ CRM sync πŸ€– Automation πŸ‘‰ Get started for free on

Top comment

hiyaaaaa Hunters 😻 I'm so pumped to announce our latest major update to the PH community. You might not know us, but we're trying to know you. Our mission is to help tech startups like you understand their users. To build a better product, and to interact with the right customers, at the right time. At June we learned that all success stories have one thing in common: they were created by teams who truly understood their customers. Not by running focus groups or market studies, but by breathing the same air your customers do. So we created June. June is a new kind of tool that gets you closer to your customers. Companies use it to do a few things - like understanding who signed up for their product, or if people keep using it. They also use it to understand if customers need help, or if they’re willing to pay. All of that, based on your product usage. If you’re building a product-focused company, June can work for you. June 4.0 is live today, it’s packed with 3 years of work, and the best part is that you can start using it for free. Excited to start the conversation in the comments, and to hear what you think. love πŸ’œ -Enzo