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Investor Profile by Roundtable

Find your next investors with Roundtable

Once you decide to raise funds, you’ll spend weeks looking for Business Angels. Now with Investor Profiles, you can directly see if you fit their investment thesis. Even better, we’ve created a list of top BAs on Folk, the CRM we used to raise our own seed.

Top comment

👋 Hi founders and makers! With Roundtable, we’re building the marketplace and financial infrastructure to help structure investments in startups. With more than 300M€ of startup investments going through the platform in 2 years, we think we’re decently connected to Business Angels. And yet, when we raised our seed round last year, we spent ages finding BAs, curating them, finding that some were not investing at the time, etc. We ended up raising 3M€ with amazing BAs which we love dearly <3, but I can assure you we had better things to do like, you know, running our business. That’s why we’ve: 1️⃣ built Investor Profiles allowing our users to showcase their investment thesis, portfolio of investment, and explain what they look for in startups, 2️⃣ aggregated the top profiles in an Investor Database, and 3️⃣ partnered with our friends at Folk to host it. They’ve built a great CRM which we used for our own seed round. FYI, we’ve talked to and excluded several Business Angels who told us they were not currently investing. If there’s a household name you cannot find here, it may be because they opted out for now. 👉 Founders, have a look, and I hope you’ll save time preparing your next round! It’s your most precious asset 🙂 👉 Investors, if you’re interested in being listed: create your Profile page and contact us! *⭐️ This database is of course biased towards our existing user base. If there is a country you would like us to research and add, don’t hesitate to share it in the comments!* **LINKS👇** Create your Profile page on Access the database on