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Customer service AI with human decision-making

Enhance CX at every point along the customer journey. Our all-in-one platform, which includes AI chatbots, AI Copilot, Live Chat, and Smart Analytics, boosts team productivity and helps them save up to 6 hours per week by automating repetitive tasks.

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Hello, Product Hunt community 👋 I'm Oksana, co-founder of Intelswift! We're so excited to share our platform and get your precious feedback and support, so please share your thoughts in the comments. We've been working on this product for almost a year. Building a solution for ourselves became a higher mission to help small businesses and startups with their digital communication. Now, we're waiting for you to become our early adopters! Intelswift is an all-in-one solution for startups and SMBs looking to integrate AI seamlessly into their workflows. It automates repetitive tasks such as FAQs, lead qualification, summary generation, meeting scheduling, and personalized product recommendations, enabling businesses to improve lead response time drastically. But that's not all. Our AI Copilot goes beyond the basics, offering advanced capabilities like generating data-rich visualizations and forecasts, spotting anomalies in data, and empowering businesses to make data-driven decisions. We're more than an AI Chatbot; we're a comprehensive tool with core features such as AI Chatbots, Live Chat, AI Copilot, and Smart Analytics. Our mission? Make online business communication with customers swift and personalized across your entire customer journey. If you're a startup, we have an exclusive offer just for you! Sign up now for a monthly subscription at just $7 for the entire year. Ready to give it a try? Simply fill out the form here: Not a startup? Don't worry. Use promo code PH30 and get a 30% discount on paid plans. This offer is available for the first 100 customers only and lasts for the next 48 hours—so act quickly!