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Insights Hub

Centralize all user feedback, extract meaningful insights

Insights Hub brings feedback from all sources under one roof and uses AI to sort, analyze, and extract meaningful user insights. Chat with the Insights Assistant, get answers, and run follow-up surveys to learn more—all in one place.

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Hey Hunters 👋 I’m Kamil, CEO of Survicate. I’m happy to introduce our latest product - Insights Hub - Customer Feedback Analytics. We’ve done a few launches here in the past that marked important milestones in our survey software evolution. But this one is special because it opens up a new chapter for our product. Today, we’re going beyond surveys. Let that sink in. For those of you who are not familiar with Survicate before this launch, here’s a quick wrap-up: ✔ Surprisingly robust survey software to collect feedback at any stage of the customer journey - via email, on your website, or deep in the product (web and mobile apps). ✔ NPS, CSAT, CES, PMF, user research, website feedback, feature prioritization, post-purchase, churn feedback - you name it, we do it all. ✔ Our customers mostly appreciate its flexibility, ease of use, native integrations, and the quality of our support. ✔ Serve 1500+ customers, mostly sticky digital products like Amplitude, Gympass, Pipedrive, Mixmax, OpenPhone, Getresponse, Smartlook, and TaskRabbit. That puts us not so far behind typical top-of-mind market leaders. We’re the underdog ;) ✔ We’re a team of 50+, with nearly half in R&D - shipping new things big and small weekly. ✔ Over 11 years in the game. 👴 Why Insights Hub? Our vision is ‘Little big company winning the customer feedback space’. We want to solve the customer feedback problem. Surveys are great for solving part of it - they allow you to ask for it whenever you know what you don’t know when your curiosity is very focused. We always wanted Survicate to go beyond that, satisfy your curiosity every day, sharpen your intuition, and uncover things you don’t know that you don’t know. According to our research (report coming up next month), the #1 obstacle to extracting insights from user feedback is data scattered across multiple sources/touchpoints. So here we are, trying to solve the biggest pain. How is it different from other tools out there? I wouldn’t be honest if I told you it is something the market has never seen before. I will leave that kind of style to some of our competitors. 😈 There has been an established category of Customer Feedback Analytics for years now. Most recently, a new wave of GPT-powered tools has been popping out weekly. What makes Survicate with Insights Hub different is: ✔ It’s the only software that combines (all) Feedback Analytics with a combat-tested, flexible, multichannel Survey Software. So, you are a click away from running a survey to investigate insights uncovered with Hub. ✔ We focus on delivering insights so you can have confidence when deciding what to do next. We're not trying to decide for you - that’s the fun part. Not creating PRDs or roadmaps - there are better tools for those. You don’t want the AI to take the credit for a successful launch after all ;) ✔ We don’t overcomplicate this. ✔ We aim to make it more accessible pricing-wise - not putting an Enterprise tag. Although some of the queries can be costly, we will introduce reasonable limits soon. We hope this is the right step in making Survicate the go-to tool for user feedback and customer research. Who is it for? If you asked me a few days ago, I would say it's mainly for Product Managers and user Researchers. But then I saw one of the early users from the Customer Success team using it to learn more about a particular account and Marketing teams hunting for insights for product positioning. So (FOMO hat on 🎩), chances are everyone curious who needs to know customers to do their job could find it helpful. We are looking forward to learning more use cases from you. Is it any good? We’re from Poland, and we tend to be humble and modest (I hope we smile more than most of Slavs😁), so at first, we wanted to call the AI chat feature ‘Research Sidekick’...but one of our users had a pretty strong opinion on that name, and we've changed it: “It's a little silly. I don't mind it, but I think Sidekick feels like it's not important enough. I think this is a really important thing that is nice. I almost want to call research mastermind or something. It's way more than just a sidekick. A sidekick makes me think, oh, it's scheduling interviews for me or something, whereas this is actually answering potentially big questions and maybe giving me a bigger view. It's like my crystal ball that I can look into and see, this is what people are saying. So I think it's more important than a sidekick. Sidekick feels like it discounts it. So I guess it’s pretty good 😉 But I would love to hear your feedback and hope you will try it. 🤞 I am happy to answer any questions about Insights Hub, Survicate - the product and the company - market, etc. - AMA it is.