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Convert Script to compelling storyboards in mins.

Immersfy turns scripts to storyboards in minutes. It analyzes, breaks down scenes, and creates visual masterpieces, saving 80% of your time and 50% of your costs. With powerful customization features, you maintain full control over tone, style, and context.

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Hi hunters, 👋 Meet Immersfy: Your Go-To Tool for Crafting Storyboards in Minutes! 🧡 As crazy as it sounds, the idea for Immersfy was conceived on a cricket turf in Ahmedabad in Dec’22. We both immediately got invested, and before we knew it, we found ourselves speaking to over 60 filmmakers to refine our solution over the next 4 months. We took a significant step forward in May’23 when we hired our first team member, which also marks the beginning of this exciting phase! Our vision at Immersfy is: Making storytelling accessible to everyone in any format, shape, or form, allowing creators to share their work on the big screen without needing to understand the technicalities of video production. Why is Immersfy the right solution? 🚀 Drawing from our experiences in building previous companies and our love for films, we realized that everything we see on screen, whether it’s an ad, web series, or feature film; is the outcome of someone’s imagination. This involves multiple stakeholders, leading to potential translation loss and costly errors. Immersfy addresses these challenges by providing a testing environment for pre-production, making the process faster, more efficient, and cost-effective while ensuring high-quality content. Creating stunning storyboards is now a breeze. Here's how Immersfy helps you: > Cut down 80% of the time spent on storyboarding > Slash your costs by 50% > Have full control of your craft by customizing tone, style, and context to fit your vision perfectly Powered by advanced algorithms, Immersfy takes the hassle out of pre-production, so you can focus on what you do best—telling great stories. Key Features 👀 🥳Generate storyboards in minutes 📸Use it as a precursor for text-to-video use cases 🫶Simplify pre-production 🤝User-friendly interface designed for creatives of all levels 🎨Adjust colors to fit your story’s mood 🖼️Manage the number of frames and scenes you’d like 🤩Make your characters frown, smile, or express any emotion that suits your narrative 🌤️Modify weather, backgrounds, and add objects to match your imagination Who do we solve it for? 🎯 > Filmmakers: From professionals to amateurs, anyone looking to streamline their storyboarding process. > Ad Agencies: Creative teams looking to quickly and efficiently visualize their concepts and pitch their ideas. > Animators and Game Designers: Creators needing precise and customizable storyboards for their projects. Whether you’re creating video content for YouTube, social media, or professional projects, Immersfy is designed to meet your needs. Why try Immersfy today? 🤝 Enjoy a 7-day free trial, starting today! During your free trial, you can generate storyboards for up to two scripts. This is the perfect opportunity to experience all the features Immersfy has to offer without any commitment. 🚀 Try Immersfy today to pitch your script with stunning storyboard visuals.