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Hunted Space

Insights on Product Hunt launches

View advanced dashboards on your product votes & comments and statistics of Product Hunt launches. Understand how successful launches come to be. Get an overview of the best products, explore upvotes, comments, topics, and more.

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Hey lovely Product Hunt people, thanks for stopping by! Today we're excited to launch a shiny new Hunted.Space, rebuild with Shipixen! We want Hunted to be the best place to get insights on Product Hunt launches, but also a place to discover new products and brilliant makers, Also, we're starting a blog on Hunted.Space with guides and checklists to help make your product and launch a success. Here's what's changed in version 2 👀 👨‍🎨 Reworked frontpage, charts, navigation and added sorting. Now the top 10 products are front-and-center! 📚 We have started to add guides and help articles so you can make the best out of your launch! ⌛ You can now "time travel" ― see top 10 in the past. Future coming in v3 📖 There's more focus on topics and a brand new "Top categories" page which shows the top categories as well as top products in a given month. Also with time travel 😎 📈 Dashboards have also been reworked, there is now information on topics & it's easier to analyze at a glance how you're doing compared to nearest competitors. ------------------------------------ 🌟 Featured Products & Sponsors 🌟 Hunted.Space, is all about supporting your journey—before, during, and after your launch. Now, we're offering new ways to get your product noticed. So, secure special spots for your products to stand out on our site. This is your chance to shine and capture the attention of our active community, either through the feature page or sponsorship. ------------------------------------ 📱💻🖥️ In general, there's now better optimization for both smaller and larger screens, so you can enjoy it on the go or at the office 🙂. That and a ton of UI/UX improvements across the board! And so much more. Beautiful. Responsive. Dark mode included. Looking forward to your feedback and suggestions. Thanks for dropping by. Your support means the world to us ❤️ Sandra, Alex & Dan -- TakoTreba aliszu d4m1n