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Hopscotch Flow

Never get paid late again

Poor cash flow is the #1 killer of small businesses. But Hopscotch Flow makes it possible to instantly accelerate funds from unpaid invoices without alerting your clients or needing a credit check. Never worry about getting paid late again.

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Hello PH gang! We’re so excited to be making Hopscotch Flow available to a wider community of small businesses including agencies, contractors, and consultants. We’re thrilled to have your support and hear your feedback! Why did we build Flow? 🛠️ Late-paying clients can be the kiss of death for small businesses, and we don’t think that’s fair. We built Hopscotch Flow because we saw firsthand how banks and legacy providers weren’t offering competitive invoicing and cash flow solutions for these orgs. Whether it be a small business loan or invoice factoring, SMBs are forced to endure weeks of due diligence and fill out tons of paperwork—frankly, many businesses don’t have the resources or infrastructure to support the process. The cash flow options for small businesses are often downright predatory, making it way too easy to get caught in a vicious lending cycle. We designed Flow to help make the 33 million small businesses in the US* today invincible, one invoice at a time. Instead of waiting net-30-90 to get paid, businesses can use Flow to get paid net-now in just three clicks. How does it work? 🧾 Invoice your client through Hopscotch | It’s easy to create branded invoices 🚫 No credit check required | Find out if you qualify instantly 💰 Advance 90% of your invoice upfront | Get paid in just 3 clicks! 😶 Privacy guaranteed | Protect valuable client relationships What’s next? We’re so pumped to welcome new users into our community and support more businesses with instant invoicing and payments. Every Hopscotch membership begins with a free trial of our Pro plan, so you can explore the way invoicing, bill pay, and instant cash flow works. We want you to be sure we’re a good fit for your business before committing. If Hopscotch isn’t the tool for you, there are no strings attached and no hard feelings — we can still be friends. You can schedule a demo of Hopscotch and Flow here: High-fiving you from across the internet, Team Hopscotch *Please note that Hopscotch is currently only available to businesses in the US. If you operate outside the US, join our international waitlist here and get notified when we expand! Not all invoices are qualified for Flow; however, our team can manually review invoices upon request ([email protected]).