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Hoory AI

AI powered customer support assistant

Hoory AI is a customer support automation platform driven by conversational AI that helps businesses streamline their support operations.

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Hey, Product Hunt community! 🚀 We're beyond excited to introduce Hoory AI to all of you! Our team has poured their heart and soul into designing an AI Assistant that's here to shake up the world of customer support. Armed with omni-channel inboxes, versatile AI assistants, and multilingual support, we're confident that Hoory AI will make a significant impact. We've designed it with user-specific benefits in mind, and we can't wait for you to experience it. ✔️ Knowledge-Based AI Assistant Train your knowledge-based AI assistant to respond to repetitive queries, ensuring a high customer satisfaction score around the clock. ✔️ Rule-Based AI Assistant Design custom conversation flows with your rule-based AI assistant and create a dynamic structure of customer interactions. ✔️ Omni-Channel Inbox Centralize messages from various channels into a single, easy-to-navigate inbox. ✔️ Multilingual Support Break language barriers by communicating with text and audio in 100+ languages. Whether addressed through a text message or a voice recording, Hoory AI will successfully handle customer queries. ✔️ Automation Set up automation rules to streamline existing support processes. ✔️ Macros Use macros to build custom action sequences and run them with one click. ✔️ Advanced Reporting and Analysis Attain a comprehensive view of support performance through diverse analytical metrics. We value your feedback on Hoory AI and invite you to share your thoughts with us. For a limited time, we're offering lifetime discounts on all packages" 🔖 One Day Only: 30% off (Use Promo code "HOORYHUNT30") - March 27 to March 28 🔖 One Week Only: 20% off (Use Promo code "HOORYHUNT20") - March 28 to April 4 🔖 One Month Only: 15% off (Use Promo code "HOORYHUNT15") - April 4 to May 4 Our team is available to address any inquiries and discuss how Hoory AI can enhance your customer support experience. 💜 Start your free 14-day trial today: