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CarFax for your future home

HomeScore is your AI homebuying sidekick that helps you plan & buy your home. Browse a listing site, pick a property, & get a full analysis. Initially, we are focused on helping you make smarter decisions & save money with your inspection.

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✨Looking to buy a home but had nightmares about the process & inflated commissions? 🏡HomeScore is your homebuying sidekick that 💫Actually💫 helps you research, plan, and buy your dream home. After you browse a listing site, pick a property and get a full deep-dive analysis. We are building a platform that will guide you through every aspect of the home-buying process. Along the way, HomeScore reveals insights you won't find anywhere. Today, we analyze home inspection but we will be adding support for all complex documents (e.g. disclosures, photos, floorplans, environmental hazards, maintenance history, and permits) and visualize them as personalized insights that are relevant to your lifestyle and risk profile 🧠 HomeScore is at the forefront of the changing buyer & agent relationship due to the recent National Realtor Association Settlement. 🏘️Today we are launching our v1.0. It gives you, the homebuyer, the power to dissect your home inspection, get cost estimates, uncover personalized property insights, and find local contractors. Oh, and it's natively collaborative with your spouse or partner. You can determine if a property is truly right for you. Our mission is to kickstart buyer confidence through unmatched transparency and affordability in the home purchasing journey. Why You Need HomeScore 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Customized for You: Get insights into how each home you're considering aligns with your lifestyle, goals, and risk profile. ⚒️Eliminate Day #1 Surprises: Make sense of all the raw data and reports you come across. Get a better understanding of property tradeoffs, total cost of ownership, repair cost estimates, and more. 🤖Cutting Edge AI: Have a burning question about a home you love? Ask unlimited questions about any topic related to problem areas, location details, or renovation potential. 🏚️Compare the Impossible: Compare homes across dimensions that matter to you, like which property is more kid-friendly, best for aging in place, energy efficient, best for turn-key living, or better for entertaining ⚒️ 👩‍❤️‍👨Live Collaboration: Say bye to never-ending SMS threads. Searching for a home is a team sport. Make comments, and get answers all on one platform with your partner. 🔜HomeSore is still in Beta and we will add more features soon! Special shout out to Zamie Abdullah & Sai. We are backed by Launch VC (Jason Calacanis) 👉Gain clarity and peace of mind on every aspect of the homes you're seriously considering. Let us know your thoughts! Visit to sign up! 🌟