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HIPAA SmartChat Assistant

AI powered healthcare bots, integrate & embed with ease

HIPAA-compliant AI healthcare assistant. No data sharing with 3rd parties like OpenAI. Train on your healthcare knowledge base, monitor performance with Answer Analytics, and seamlessly integrate/embed with your app or website using our no-code dashboard.

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Hey Product Hunt Community! 👋 I'm Nate, CEO of QuickBlox, excited to introduce our latest breakthrough: HIPAA SmartChat Assistant! 🚀 We've noticed the growing need for seamless virtual assistance in healthcare apps, so we created SmartChat Assistant to be both robust and user-friendly. Our intuitive, no-code dashboard lets you effortlessly build personalized AI assistants, catering to healthcare professionals of all technical levels. 💼 In healthcare, trust and privacy are paramount. That's why our SmartChat Assistant comes with HIPAA compliance and is built with your patients' confidentiality in mind. 🔒 Unlike other platforms, we ensure that your data stays within your control at all times. SmartChat Assistant doesn't share any sensitive healthcare information with third parties like OpenAI. 🙅‍♂️ You can train SmartChat Assistant with your own healthcare knowledge base. This means your assistant becomes infused with your organization's expertise, delivering tailored interactions that meet your patients' needs precisely. 💡 And there's more! SmartChat Assistant offers customizable fallback options, detailed reports on unanswered questions, and seamless integration with various healthcare data sources like medical documents and patient records. It's designed to enhance patient engagement and streamline healthcare communication. 📈 For developers, implementing SmartChat Assistant is a breeze. It works seamlessly with our SDKs and UI kits, and our widget allows effortless integration into any application or website with just a few lines of code. 💻 Best part? SmartChat Assistant is free to trial. Your feedback is invaluable as we refine and optimize this tool. Share your thoughts, ask questions, and join the conversation below. Let's shape the future of AI-powered healthcare communication together! 🤝