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Open-source alternative to Eventbrite & Tito

Introducing Hi.Events 🌟 An open-source, feature-packed event management platform. Perfect for all events, from conferences to yoga classes 🧘 Say goodbye to crazy service fees, and take back control of your events and data 🚀

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Hi ProductHunt 👋, I'm Dave, and I'm thrilled to introduce the world to Hi.Events, an open-source event management and ticket-selling platform. I created Hi.Events because there are very few modern, open-source ticketing platforms, and many SaaS ticketing applications charge outrageous fees. My goal is to offer a more affordable and flexible solution for event organizers through an open-source platform. Whether you're hosting a conference or a yoga class, Hi.Events has all the features you need to run a successful and stress-free event. Some of the features include:

  • Embeddable Ticket Widgets: Use our "Widget Designer" tool to create embeddable widgets that perfectly match your brand. 🎨
  • Beautiful Event Homepages: Create captivating event pages with a variety of customization options to showcase your event in the best light. ✨
  • Intuitive Check-In Tools: Streamline the check-in process to ensure quick and efficient entry for attendees. No need to download a separate check-in app; we've created a mobile and web check-in tool. 📱
  • Event Messaging Tools: Keep your attendees informed and engaged by sending updates, announcements, and reminders, all within Hi.Events. 📣
  • Custom Order Forms: Tailor the registration process to suit your event needs. From dietary preferences to T-shirt sizes, you can ask your attendees anything during checkout. 📝
  • Multiple Ticket Types: Offer a variety of ticket options, including donations, free tickets, and tiered pricing. 🎟️
  • Event Analytics: Gain valuable insights into your event's performance, track ticket sales, and more. 📊
  • Versatile Promo Codes: Boost ticket sales with discounts, presale access, and hidden tickets. 💸

And there's so much more! From Stripe integration and instant payouts to role-based access and offline event tools, Hi.Events is designed to make your event management experience as smooth as possible. 💆‍

We will also be introducing a cloud-based version in the very near future. ☁️

You can check out the GitHub here: (A star would be much appreciated ⭐️). And our website is

I'm more than happy to answer any questions.

Thanks for taking the time to look 😄

Edit: Also, we'd love if you could follow our journey on X. Thank you!