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Forecast your future, fund your future

Gilion is the growth and funding platform powered by your data. Providing all the metrics and forecasts needed to optimize your growth in real time. When you want to push the pedal further, you can access the Gilion Growth Loan with unmatched scaleup terms.

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👋 Hey all Product Hunters! I’ve been working with helping tech companies grow faster during the last 14 years. At Spotify, as a VC partner and now as a founder. So today, I’m so happy to release our growth platform, Gilion, to all of you. Gilion lets you connect to all the tools you use to build your company (think revenue, marketing, engagement data and your financial data), and then see all the metrics and forecasts that will help you to understand your growth and to grow faster. Because the Product Hunt community is so awesome, we decided to give away 50%-discount-for-life-codes for everyone who signs up to our premium plans during the Product Hunt launch week. :D Some of the most popular features: 1. Track all your daily growth metrics; like unit metrics, retention, lifetime value, cohorts, forecasts, sales & marketing efficiency all the way to opex and cash forecast. Prioritise your actions and measure if your initiatives have an impact. 2. Get proactive notifications when something is significantly up or down with your growth engine fundamentals; like sudden churn increase, monetisation spikes in a market, significant burn rate changes, changes in the Gilion Scores etc. 3. Fund your growth; The platform has most metrics that investors look for, so you can use our Decks feature to curate and share metrics to existing or new investors, or use it to request non-dilutive Growth Loans*. For standard platforms, everything should work out of the box. Connect, wait for the backfill, and voilà - you’re good to go. A secure, managed analytics infrastructure at your fingertips. And if you have some special needs, jump onto our premium plans where our engineers are happy to help. The goal is to make the Growth Experience as awesome as possible for all founders across the globe, by offering superior growth analytics and growth financing. The entire Gilion team is extremely excited and look forward to getting your feedback on this release! - With loads of love from our offices in Stockholm, Berlin, Copenhagen, New York and London 💙 * Gilion Growth Loans are rolling out, and are currently available in Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Join the waitlist if you want to be the first to know when they are coming to other markets.