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Product research tool for mobile apps creators

Get a comprehensive app map, including all screens and user flows quickly with our product research tool. Ideal for Product Managers, Analysts, UX Designers, and anyone involved in creating and testing mobile products and hypotheses.

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We are a team of mobile developers who create numerous mobile products and continuously test hypotheses, often requiring extensive competitive analysis. However, we found the initial research process time-consuming and challenging — you need to find apps, review and test them all, and then copy and paste all screens in a specific order, grouped by user flows or features. All of this usually takes a few days for a product manager or UX designer. Another challenge is that, due to the complexity of the process, such research is often done once and then rarely continued. Engaging the team and maintaining continuous competitor research involvement across the entire team is very difficult. We assembled a strong tech team around this problem and created a product where you can simply paste a link to the app you want to explore, and in a few seconds, you'll get a board containing all the screens of this app, broken down into user flows and features. After that, you can enable receiving regular updates of this app and set up Slack notifications to get instant messages about new versions and key changes in your competitors’ products. This is not only convenient for tracking competitors but also for top-level management to monitor updates to the product your team is making. While our product is still evolving, you can already try it. Parsing of one app is completely free for all users. We would be glad if you tested it and shared your feedback with us. If you find it valuable, consider supporting us further through purchasing, enabling us to enhance the product even more. Our global vision and mission are to make the product research process for mobile product creators as simple and convenient as possible, easily integrated into team processes, and providing valuable and actionable daily insights for continuous growth. Imagine being able to clearly see how any mobile product has developed version by version and trace its evolution and development vector—very soon, this will be available in Flowriver.