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FLOW Speak Learning Pathways

Pathways to speaking fluency

FLOW helps non-native English speakers learn to speak confidently and naturally, so they can share their voices and achieve academic & career advancement. Our Speaking AI allows for unlimited repetition and gives real-time feedback for improvement.

Top comment

Hey Product Hunt Community, Today we’re excited to launch a major update to the FLOW Speak platform: Pathways. Pathways are learning tracks designed to help English language learners have a structured way to progress from Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced. So often, a language learner tries a new app and just does lessons but doesn’t really know where they are going and when they will get there. This is why we made Pathways - we want learners to be able to see how long they need to practice to reach a new level. Here’s how it works: ✅ Pathways for Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced learners ✅ Each Pathway has 3 Levels ✅ Each Level is 8 weeks long and has 40 lessons ✅ Earn a badge when a Level is completed ✅ Earn a certificate when a Pathway is completed FLOW Speak is built for English language learners to practice and improve their English speaking skills. We focus primarily on speaking and listening since it is the hardest part of learning a language. This update is a major milestone since it adds more depth of content and a tangible learning track for people. FLOW Speak is for any English language learner and for English as a foreign language teachers / organizations to use in conjunction with their classroom teaching. We would love to hear your feedback and understand how you see the Pathways working for yourself or your classroom.