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Flat Icons API

Fastest API integration, lowest cost on the market – by far

Integrate premium icons into your app, tool, or project with the Flat Icons API. Super-easy to switch and set up. Start free, scale as you grow. ✔ Access to over 52,000 assets ✔ Lowest API cost on the market ✔ Fastest API integration ✔ 20% off for PH

Top comment

Hi Hunters! Darko here, member of team Flat Icons 👋 We’re thrilled to share something close to our hearts that we've been actively working on for the past six months - our very own Flat Icons API 🎉 Over the past couple of years, we’ve repeatedly heard from our associates: ‘We love your designs, if only we could integrate them into our tool directly.’ And they were right, to be honest - this is where our business fell short. It was time we got to work. Fast forward some months and obstacles, and we can finally show you something we’re proud of. The API draws the icons from our main database, where we constantly add new stuff. It currently has over 52k homemade designs, from 2Ds and 3Ds to animations. Setting up is super-easy and our servers are really fast (not to brag). Plus, there’s an API dashboard, so you have 24/7 control over your API requests. To celebrate our launch, we have created a special 20% discount for all you lovely Hunters. Use the coupon code ’PH20’ at checkout. It works on any type of plan you choose. If you’re not sure yet, you can start free and see if this is for you or not. Let us know below what you think! Cheers, Darko