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Simple, delightful, collaborative work tracking

Forget bloated project management tools. Flat keeps your work organized and your team aligned without getting in your way.

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Hey ProductHunters! 👋 I’m Seth, one of the founders of Flat, and we’re excited to share it with you today and get your feedback! Our motto is: simpler is better. We built Flat out of frustration with the complicated project management tools we’ve used at previous jobs — things like Asana, Monday, ClickUp, Jira, etc. What we wanted was a simple shared space where we could organize our work, make priorities clear, and stay aligned as a team, without all the friction and complexity. So we set out to build a tool that was so simple and easy to use that anyone could pick it up within five minutes. Our strategy for achieving this has been to combine familiar, proven concepts like collaborative document editing, status tracking, comment threads, and kanban boards. As a result, Flat feels immediately familiar, and new users can hit the ground running. Flat also doesn’t aim to be an “everything app”. Instead, it complements the apps you use and love by serving as the home base that ties them all together. Don’t write blog posts in Flat — that’s what Google Docs is for! But do use Flat to capture the goals for each post, and track them through their lifecycle. Don’t hold brainstorming sessions in Flat — that’s what Miro is for! But do use Flat to keep track of the whiteboards for later reference. Don’t hang out and celebrate wins in Flat — that’s what Slack is for! But do use Flat to ask questions or raise issues on a topic without worrying about balls getting dropped. Flat isn’t done; we’re hard at work making it better every day. But we think it’s ready for you to check it out, and we’d be grateful for any feedback you have to share in the comments below! We’ll be here all day to answer questions.