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Accounts receivable software for CFOs & B2B finance teams

FinFloh is an accounts receivable software for CFOs & finance teams to automate collection follow-ups, cash application, cash forecasting & invoice management with the power of AI-driven customer workflows.

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Thank you so much for hunting us @kevin ! I’m Amartya, CEO & Co-founder of FinFloh. We have built an end-to-end accounts receivable software for CFOs & B2B finance teams that syncs your ERP & CRM, automates collection follow-ups & speeds dispute resolution. We also engineer automated workflows that can be custom built for multiple buyers in different risk categories. Not only that FinFloh goes the extra mile and enables accurate credit decisions with the help of buyer data and market intelligence, and also completes the Invoice-to-Cash flow by automating the entire process of cash application and forecasting. How do we impact and empower firms? The Sync Impact: Natively connect all your disconnect systems The Fund Impact: Boost in cash flows with DSO reduction The Efficiency Impact: Rise in collection efficiency with elimination of errors and manual tasks The AI Impact: Decisions for collections, cash application & credit onboarding The Predictability Impact: Accurate predictability and forecasting with buyer intelligence The Review Impact: Reports & Analytics more powerful than the ones from ERP With simple minimal-code integrations, FinFloh is compatible with all major ERPs, CRMs and other accounting and invoicing softwares. In just a week’s time, businesses can start using the solution and get up and running. Prior to FinFloh, I was the co-founder at a deep-tech payments startup into SoftPOS payments enabled by NFC, which was acquired by a listed payments entity. Prior to that, I have more than a decade of experience in building and selling products to businesses with a major focus on fintech. We’re super excited to be hunted here. Looking forward to helping businesses across the world become cash flow positive & never worry about manual receivables operations. Now, imagine a world where invoices pay themselves and cash flows effortlessly. With FinFloh, that's your reality. If you would like to understand more about what we do and how FinFloh could be of help to your company, you can either book a demo at or start a free 21-day trial. We’re also excited to waive off the fees for your 1st 2 months on our year one pricing for businesses who sign up from the Product Hunt community. Cheers!