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FinCheck by Trezy

Check a business financial health for free

Upload an annual statement and our A.I. will provide a thorough analysis, delivering a clear breakdown of key financial health metrics, company valuation, and bankruptcy likelihood. All of it for free.

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Hey Product Hunt! 👋 We're thrilled to introduce our latest brainchild: FinCheck by Trezy. We have analyzed more than 2M annual statements, and talked to thousands of small businesses & financial experts, and we know what makes sense when it comes to understanding what business owners want to know from their financial statements. We've realized so many times that a bunch of numbers doesn't mean anything, and this is why we decided to simplify it as much as possible, with insights that anyone from your team can understand. Do you want to evaluate a company in no time? Just upload the annual statement, and FinCheck will create a whole analysis. You can see an example by following this link: The best part? It's totally free. We believe in empowering businesses without emptying their pockets. Dive in, give it a spin, and tell us what you think. We're right here to chat and cheer you on. Let's tackle financial management head-on, together. 🚀 Disclaimer: Your data is private and is not used anywhere; you can delete the report at any time with one single click. We build tools for SME owners for marketing & branding purposes.