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Film Finder

Find great films at lightning speed

The smarter way to find films you'll love. Discover your next favorite film, find hidden gems, and explore blockbusters at the touch of a button.

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Hey Product Hunt Community 👋🏾 I'm so excited to introduce our latest and greatest version of Film Finder ⚡️ which was built to save you from endlessly searching for the next film to watch! As the founder, I've worked tirelessly speaking with users, gathering insights, iterating on the design, and making product trade-offs so that you can find great films quickly. 💎 There are thousands of films released each year which are distributed across hundreds of platforms. It's so easy to miss out on great films and to continue watching average films because that's what's trending. Film Finder has helped so many users uncover 'gems' through our personalised recommendation system. 💬 We've been doing interviews on the street asking people the longest time it's taken them to look for a film to watch. The average amount of time is 1-2 hours. That's approximately the length of a feature film! We're determined to cut that search time right down to 2-5 minutes. Our key KPIs are based on quality and speed so watch this space and give us feedback to help us achieve that! What are the features? MY COLLECTIONS ⚡️ – Find exactly what you’re looking for • Create a collection of recommendations by adding genres, actors, crew members, and tags based on your mood • Every film card has key information to help you decide e.g., rating, genre, summary, cast, and crew • You can also watch the film trailers, save films to your watchlists, and share them with friends and family PROFILE 👨🏾 - Manage your watchlists, liked films, and more • Add films to your watchlist via the profile page or the ‘my collections’ page by clicking the ‘save’ button • Want to keep track of what you’ve watched, add films to the ‘films you've seen’ section! SEARCH 🔎 - Search for specific films, cast members, and crew members (e.g., film directors) • Find film cards by searching for titles • Find actor and crew profiles by searching their names HOME 🏠 - Discover popular and trending films • This page contains general film recommendations and it also contains personalised film recommendations based on your profile