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Flaticon alternative for free SVG icons

Discover Figicon, the ultimate destination for the largest collection of minimal and consistent icons, all available for free in SVG format! With Figicon, searching, copying, or downloading your preferred SVG icons takes just a second.

Top comment

Hello Product Hunt 🎖️ I am Zesan, Maker of Figicon. I have been designing interfaces and icons for the last seven years. Presenting Figicon - the biggest collection of minimal and pixel-perfect icons with free svg download option. How and Why Figicon? Back in 2021, I was looking for an icon pack for one of my client’s projects but did not find the icon I was looking for and what I found on Flaticon was too poorly designed and not matching with my UI aesthetic. and those icons also were not consistent. as I was a logo designer back in 2017 and worked with 99design, i thought lets make a custom icon pack for my project. started with 200 icons and i published that mini icon pack on Figma community where I got a huge response now over 15k designed using that mini icon pack for their projects. This inspired me to start big.
 Features and icons for FREE I have been crafting icons now over 2 years consistently for over 1000+ hours and trying to cover almost every category needed for designers and developers around the world. Now one can copy, or download all line icons from figicon for free and all the line icons will be free in the future means more and more icons will be added. unlike other platforms like Flaticon, which are limiting users to free PNG downloads but here with figicon, you will get all consistent and minimal icons in SVG for free.

 Figicon Features :
 - Minimal and Pixel-perfect - Based on 24px pixel-grid - All shapes are vector - Easily to change scale and tone - 1.5px line stroke - Line and Solid - Editable with Figma - 20+ Categories
 Bonus: - All Country Flag (Accurate Color) - All Brand Logo (original Logo collection) I am so excited about the launch of Figicon and showing our work to everyone. I would to so happy to hear from everyone, about how and where I can improve. Feel free to drop a comment to inspire me to do more free work for designers and developers around the world. Thank you,

 Zesan Founder