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Fieldmobi Frontline

A direct line to your teams and resources

A mobile-first field data and team management platform that can be used in isolation or integrated with ERP to manage field teams, business information, frontline resources (with issue reporting and resolution) and field activities.

Top comment

Let's be honest. Enterprise software has been stuck in the back offices of large enterprises for way too long! 🏢🧑‍💼👩‍💼🖥️ Planning and strategy are important but they mean very little if not well executed. Just imagine what would happen if you connected the people who are out there getting things done to your ERP system. Think about the improvements in terms of the quality of data, the speed and quality of execution, how much better the customer experience could be. The possibilities are endless. That's why we've built Fieldmobi Frontline. To connect the 99%. To connect with the teams, resources and operations at the frontlines of your business. Your 👨‍🏭service team, 👷‍♂️maintenance personnel, your 🧑‍💼sales team, 🚚drivers, ⛽equipment operators, 🧯inspectors, 👩‍🔧mechanics, 🧹cleaning staff, 🏭floor staff, 🦺construction workers… The list goes on. Fieldmobi Frontline Includes: 1. Frontline Admin 👩‍💼Employee Information and Availability 🏭 Work Sites 🏗️Projects 🤝Partners 🎽 Teams and Departments 🕓Roster 📲 Mobile-based Employee Data Collection 2. Team Manager 👷‍♂️ Team Members ✅ Attendance with Image and Location Capture for Proxy Prevention 🌡️ Leave Requests and Approvals 🙋‍♀️Employee Status Updates with Random or Scheduled Update Requests and Location Capture 3. Information Manager 🏭 Site Information 🚚 Vehicle Information ⛽ Equipment Information 📡 Machinery Information 🌍 Location References 📦 Product Information 🏷️ Asset Information 🤝 Vendor and Partner Information 🛍️ Customer Information 🧍‍♀️External Contacts 🔎 Inspections and Audits 📄Documents 🎞️ Media 📲 Mobile-based Information Data Collection 4. Issue Manager ❗ Issue Reporting ✔️ Issue Resolution ✅ Issue Verification 🛍️ Customer and End User Issue Reporting using Smart Notes (Unlimited Users) 5. Activity Manager ⚒️ Activities with Timesheet Generation 💬 Requests 🎯Tasks ⬆️ Activity Updates 6. Enterprise Services 👩‍💼 Customer Support 🖥️ ERP Integrations 🔌 IoT and Other Integrations 🔧 Field Customizations 🪛 Workflow Customizations 👩‍🔧 Custom Roles 📲 Customized Forms Fieldmobi Frontline is for any business that has a team working in the field or has various sites, equipment, machinery or vehicles spread out across various locations. It can be used in isolation or integrated with an ERP system, essentially extending ERP capabilities to the frontline (Enterprise Services). Small Businesses can also use it to collect and manage business information, helping them get ERP ready. (Stay tuned for the launch of our ERP system designed for first time ERP users. It will connect directly with Frontline.) We're offering 🤑free implementation services to early users but it's very easy to roll out in any case, especially when it comes to connecting your team or customers. Once you add a user, the resources, modules and applications connected to them, simply show up on their mobile app and dashboard. You can try out the application for 🤑free for the first month, post which pricing starts at $10 per month which includes 1 Admin User, 5 Field Users and an ♾️unlimited number of End Users or Customers. Fieldmobi Frontline is our first step towards making ERP and Enterprise Software accessible to the 99%! We'd love to know what you think so please share any feedback or questions that you may have. Here's to the 99%! 👨‍🏭👷‍♂️👩‍🔧