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EverLearns Studio

Turn anything into a course in 5 minutes

Once, creating a course used to take months. With EverLearns, that can be done in 5 minutes. Think about all the time, effort, and energy you save! Educators, content creators, and parents — This is what you've been looking for.

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👋 How can I turn a book into a course? 👋 How can I create lessons from a given research paper or a lecture video? 👋 How can I generate quizzes, flashcards, or mindmaps from a material? 👋 How can I share these lessons with my students? These are the types of questions we receive all the time while working on MindPal ( In fact, a large part of our customer base is from the education industry, whether they are students, educators, researchers, or content creators. We always try to assist our customers to get these jobs done with MindPal, but since MindPal is more general purpose, it's not always the most optimal for this specific job: Creating a course. That's why we came up with EverLearns, a platform to help you generate any course in 5 minutes, with a powerful AI-powered editor to build up interactive lesson content and share the course with your students in one click. This would be a game-changer, esp. if you are: ✅ A content creator looking to create and share more educational content for your audience ✅ An educator wanting to save time on manual course development work and focus on more important things you could do for your students ✅ A busy homeschooling parent wishing to find a way to build high-quality courses for your children, fast Excited? Head over to to try it out! And please let me know what you think.