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Your first AI copilot for health & habit tracking

Doti, powered by AI, is your assistant in managing health and life goals. It comprehensively analyzes data from your exercise, diet, stress levels, sleep patterns, heart rate, and goal management to offer custom lifestyle tips just for you.

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Hello Product Hunt Community! 👋 We all know the struggle with life's little roadblocks: restless nights, lingering stress, and plans that go astray. That's where Doti comes in—a friend with an AI twist 🧠. It listens to your stories, understands your routines, and offers advice that feels as heartfelt as it is smart. Here’s how Doti stands by you: - Addressing Life's Challenges: By looking at your lifestyle, Doti finds ways to enhance your rest. You might just wake up feeling refreshed more often. 💤 - Managing emotions and stress: In moments of triumph or when worries weigh heavy, Doti joins in your happiness or offers a comforting word, always with a listening ear. 😊🙁 - Cultivating Self-Discipline: Whether it's breaking a bad habit or starting a healthy one—like eating an apple a day 🍎—Doti guides you with expert strategies for self-improvement. - Achieving Your Goals: Talk through your aspirations, and Doti helps lay out a path personalized just for you, ready to adjust as life unfolds. 🚀 Doti accompanies you through every phase of your journey, always there to listen and support your progress. We're not merely envisioning a brighter future; we're in the process of building it.Here's to embracing each day with an open heart and Doti by our side. 🌱 Additionally, we're offering Product Hunt Community an exclusive benefit: 1 month of free membership! This unlocks unlimited AI conversations, access to more powerful AI tools, and other special privileges. Just by downloading doti through this link, you can get it. ➡️ Your feedback is always warmly welcome and is crucial for Doti's ongoing development and refinement. 🙌