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Dome SaaS Validation Template

Validate your SaaS quickly and start generating revenue fast

Speed up your launch with Dome's SaaS Template! Fast deployment, essential features, and integrated feedback systems (Chatwoot, Hotjar). Start earning in minutes. Purchase now for a free year of Dome Growth Plan. Use Promo: SAAS100—first 100 users only.

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Hello Product Hunters! We’re thrilled to introduce our SaaS Validation Template today, a game-changer designed to quickly get your SaaS MVP to market and kickstart revenue. I’m Matt Antoun, Founder of Dome, inspired by a vision to empower indie hackers and solopreneurs. With experiences from founding to exiting multiple companies, I've seen firsthand how entrepreneurship fosters fair markets, financial freedom, and personal value. Our acquisition of Boilercode enhances Dome with templates that simplify starting and scaling your venture. This template, in particular, is your MVP's launchpad, ensuring swift market entry and user feedback. It's packed with essential features: authentication, payment gateways, email integration, analytics, and user feedback tools like Chatwoot, Papercups, and Crisp Chatbot, all to streamline your product validation. To celebrate, we’re offering the template for just $119. Plus, use promo code 'SAAS100' for a free year of the Dome Growth Plan, giving you the resources to test, experiment, and scale. We built this template and platform out of a passion for making entrepreneurship easier and more accessible than ever. We’re excited for you to leverage it and welcome any feedback as we evolve together. Thanks for your support and for joining us in believing that solopreneurship can change lives. Let’s launch, innovate, and realize our dreams together. 🚀 What about the technical details? • Frameworks: Next.js and Tailwind • Core Components: Landing Page, Countdown Timer, Markdown Blog • Authentication Options: Social Login, Magic Link, and Next Auth • Components: Top Banner, Flyout Menus, Hero, Feature, FAQ, Stats, Testimonials, Logo Clouds, CTA, Newsletter, Blog. About Us, Team, and Pricing Pages. • Email: Mailgun • Subscription Integrations: Stripe + Lemon Squeezy • Customer Feedback Tool Integrations: Chatwoot, Papercups, & Crisp Chatbot • Analytics Integration: HotJar, Google Analytics, Matomo, and Plausible. • SEO: Enhanced with meta tags